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{ TTA Champs 2018 | Race Report }

This is the 3rd time I have done this race, my second in the sprint distance, and the 7th race of my “8 triathlons for 2018” This race is normally used for athletes who want to qualify for the TTA Triathlon team to SA Champs.

I know I keep saying it but man, I had so much fun -AND- I think I am having so much fun because I am just going to have fun! There is no pressure to do well or even try beat any times. True story – I think these shorter distances are made for me.

The day started very early for us and off we went to Buffelspoort Dam. Last year’s race was a nightmare logistically and because of all the issues we started racing late. So this year we made sure to get there early. Too early it seems as they hadn’t even put the bouy’s out.

I love swimming at Buffelspoort Dam

At check-in, I was told that I needed to remove my TT bars as it was not legal for this race. It’s funny because I had been bugging Wayne to remove them for a while because I felt that I looked like a noob with these bars on racing in sprint events.

Wayne’s race started at 07:15 and mine at 09:45 which means I got to support which is always great I think. The sprint race was not wetsuit legal (Apparently, and I quote “It’s not a real race” so it doesn’t require one.) Whatever Trevor!


I had the worst swim of my life. For the first time in a swim, I had to stop and clean my googles. I was still busy walking into the water and putting on my googles when everyone started swimming. No gun or countdown or nothing. So I quickly put my googles on and started swimming. It seems that my really awesome gel sunblock that I just rubbed on, got smeared onto my lenses and I couldn’t see anything. I would have swum through it but the bouys were so far apart that I had to stop and clean them.

Place swimmers and togbags here

Also, it seems the swim wasn’t measured correctly and a 750m swim turned into a 1KM swim. People were not happy. Me…I love swimming there. The water is gorgeous. I was ok.

This is my OK face!


T1 went relativity well. Apparently I had a picnic there. My mom happened to snap this pic of me (Thanks MOM!) I think I will need to send to her a photography class so she can take better supporter photos.

This is my best angle


The bike is a tough one. Even harder than 5150 Bela Bela for me. By the time I hit the tar it was hot out and a slight cross wind made coming back a very unsteady ride. I managed a relatively good pace considering the only practice I have had was two 30KM reverse-tandem rides.

TTA Sprint Bike
The bike profile


T2 was over in about 2 minutes and I was off on the 5km “trail run” in no time.


The run was fast and flat and I didn’t run a PB but I passed a lot of people which made me feel strong and fast. I think I am lucky because my secret weapon is endurance. I can go slow for a long time.

The run profile

I finished 1st out of 1(Yes – You read that right!). My husband finished 2nd and scored a place on the provincial team. He was on the toilet when they called him for his medal so I ran another 250m’s to get his butt to the podium. I am such a good wife.


If you are keen for a cheap, hot race, then this one is for you!

Thanks for reading,



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