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{ 8 weeks to go – Ironman South Africa is getting real }

Last week was test week and I can tell you by Saturday morning, my whole body felt it.

I messed up a little though due to
a) raining weather (which meant I moved my program around)
b) being sick (I had to go a little less intense than normal)

My medical aid has this really cool points system which allows me to earn cashback on my gym payments and all these fancy smoothies and breakfasts, provided I make these points. At the end of January I took part in IM 70.3 SA and the following week I got sick. I wasn’t able to train and had to earn at least 1200 points to qualify in meeting my goal. The goal cycles run from Saturday – Friday and by Thursday I still needed 400 points. So on Friday I went to run for 90 minutes to get these points. Stupid I know – but I’m doing it for the cashback! Anyway, I had a long run on Saturday and my legs were dead lead by the time I hit 10km’s. Needless to say, what was supposed to be a 6:45 pace run turned into a 07:30 and I was paste!

TP - 11 Feb 2018

I was pretty chuffed with my Time Trial results though and can definitely see an improvement overall. Although having been sick, I didn’t feel like I lost too much fitness. I know these times are not amazing, but for me they show improvement and that is all that matters at the moment. One day I will run a 25min 5km. This week was not that week. LOL. The funny thing is that I had 7 x 200m sprints during another swim and nailed the average at 01:49. I think the power was channeled by the IM70.3 East London swim cap I wore for the first time since the race.








00:03:52 00:07:56 00:31:41





Feb-18 00:03:38 00:07:34


I incorporated a day of some body weight training and even made it back to yoga on Thursday. Although I kept cramping (and then falling over) I had a rather great class.

I had a kinda ‘meh’ cycle on Sunday and really struggled to find my power (if that’s what you can even call it). I kept freaking out by the fact that I was averaging a 21.5kmph and the doubt about finishing IM was starting to creep in again. My demons really come out on my rides (as this is my weakest discipline) and I spend most of the time fighting to keep them in line. It was great to have a coffee with my friends while waiting for my husband and finished off the ride with a 3km brick run.

At least I got to see this beautiful sunrise

One thing I am excited to see the changes in, are my body. Nothing drastic like having dropped a dress size but I can see that my clothes are fitting a tad bit better. Cutting out alcohol hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be either. I think it is because I have a serious (non-weight related) goal. I have actually doubled my eating (because I heard that I eat too little) and the weight is slowly falling off. If  When I hit my goal weight – I will treat myself to the prettiest 2 piece training swim costume.

The best part of it all is that I am actually getting to all my training since I don’t wake up with a babalaas (Click here for the explanation of this SA lingo) I had a glass of champers on race day and the major headache I had the next morning was so not worth it. Who’d have thunk!

The training is starting to ramp up and this week is an 18 hour week! If you don’t see a blog post next week, you know I didn’t make it.


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